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Abacus 2 Recording And Rehearsal Facility

Based in Hapton near Burnley in Lancashire, ABACUS 2 will meet all of your recording and rehearsal requirements. With a full 24 tracks of digital audio and extensive midi capabilities, you can be sure whatever your genre that you, the artist, will be able to concentrate on what matters most: THE MUSIC.abacus-2-studis-control-room-image Our warm and friendly yet undoubtedly professional approach to the immortalisation of your music is our priority. We are not just engineers, we are also musicians and understand fully the importance of capturing the right performance at the right time. From the first microphone to the final Production Master disk, ABACUS 2 will deliver the results without breaking the bank.

This one goes out to all our fellow Tech Heads!

At the heart of our system is to be found a Mackie D8B 96 channel fully automatable console, coupled with a Mackie HDR2496 digital multitrack recorder. We have at our disposal a large array of outboard effects, pre-amps, midi modules etc. For the more electronically influenced musicians we also have extensive midi capabilities, at the heart of which is a custom built studio grade 8 core Intel 4790-K pc with 16gb of ram running Cubase 10.5. We also have at our disposal an ALESIS DM10 digital kit, which can be implemented into our midi setup and used to trigger internal sounds or a vast array of drum-triggered samples.We have a plethora of microphones (as one would expect to find in a studio:-P) including our main vocal mic, the ubiquitous SE ELECTRONICS Z5600A valve Mic.

BIG SHOUT GOIN OUT TO THE BASSISTS who will have the opportunity to run through our Trace Elliot GP7 head, or of course feel free to bring your Gallien-Kruegers or Ashdowns, or whatever amps you should so desire.

If you have any idea what any of the above jargon means, then you will also know that we have the right gear to do the right job. Be it Rock, Punk, Folk, Electronica, World Music or any other of the thousands of genre, you can rest assured that we have the ability to capture your music the way you want it to be captured.

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