Providing A Rehearsal Space For Over 20 Years

Here at abacus 2 studios we have been welcoming rehearsing bands for over 20 years.

In this time there has been many different genres of music come through the door from solo acts with backing tracks to six piece indie bands,along with punk new age rock pop etcabacus 2 studios rehearsal room image. We believe that we must be doing something right considering one of the bands has been rehearsing here for nearly twenty years and some of the other bands who are still rehearsing here have been doing so for more than 10 years.

Included in the price of rehearsing at Hapton is the use of the PA system which comprises of a Soundcraft Folio SX 12 input desk with built in Lexicon effects along with a 250 watts per side amp with Peavey Impulse 200 wall mounted full range speakers which is all permenantly setup ready for you to plug in the mics.abacus 2 rehearsal room image

Also included in the price is two mic stands along with two vocal mics and a music stand for your paperwork or lyrics etc, storage is available at a small extra charge per month per band for the bands who use the place often enough to justify to themselves paying the small amount for storage. Just setup your back line and your instruments and off you go.

The rehearsal space is a room inside a room affair so really benefits from this in the winter months ie: the supplied heater warms the room instantly so no cold fingers after the first five minutes and therefore lends itself to a dry clean snug enviroment in which to craft your art.

Secure car parking is via the yard outside the premises of which there is ample space for all manor of vehicles, the yard is monitored 24/7 with top quality night and day cameras which is recorded and monitored by our landlord at his home premises. Should there ever be a problem whilst your vehicles are in the parking area just let me know because the landlord is just a phone call away in the same village.

Access to the rehearsal space is via keys which will be opened up 15 minutes prior to your arrival at your specified start time to enable musicians to get there equipment in and start setting up so as to enable you to get the full amount of time that you pay for as actual rehearsal time. If agreeable with the people rehearsing i will return 15 minutes after the end of there rehearsal finish time so as to also let them break down there equipment whilst possibly having a chat etc.

For further information and rates, please see the contact page.